Hell Fire Expansion Chambers

High performance expansion chambers made in the USA for the following: 

 Kawasaki H1 Mach III 500 1969-76 Triple & 1976 KH500.

Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750 1972-75 TRIPLE PIPES ARE HERE! 


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Performance & Design 

Hellfire Chambers use the same cone and tuned length dimensions as Denco built long ago, therefore Hellfire Expansion Chambers tuning and power characteristics are also the same. The power is sure to impress! Using today's computer software I have modeled each cone section to form fit the frame and therefore Hellfire Expasion Chambers fit differently than Denco, for the better.

Where my engine used to really struggle in the low-end RPM's and die off in the high RPM's, the Hell-fires excel!


 I take pride in the workmanship. These pipes are made from 20 Ga. cold rolled steel. For this application steel is well suited because these parts will undergo heat and vibration stresses that other alloys tend to crack under. The construction of each pipe has been engineered to suit the fitment/frame of the bike. Each piece is formed, fit, tacked then TIG welded. The Spiral louvered baffles are designed to cut down on noise and reduce back pressure.


     On my Kawasaki H1 I did a complete top and bottom end rebuild and several hours of tuning without achieving the performance I desired. It was brought to my attention by fellow Kawi enthusiasts the exhausts I had were holding me back, no amount of tuning would improve performance... Maybe this is where you find yourself with your Kawasaki triple? With years of experience as a sheet metal fabricator for the food processing industry I decided that I would make my own pipes, and this is how Hellfire Expansion Chambers came to be. I built a few different prototype designs, and after talking to a few experts landed on the tried and true design similar to what Denco had produced. 

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